‘Work’ and ‘Skill’

I was thinking if there is a difference between successful person and others in the way they use their time. One thing, which came to my mind, was their ability to improve their skill depending on the context. All of us work and our time is spent in pursuing some activity or other in our available time. The successful people combine skill in their work.

For example is there a difference between ‘writing’ and ‘typing’? I think that ‘writing’ is a skill and ‘typing’ is an ‘activity’ or a ‘work’. You can ‘type’ something, which others have asked you to type. But when you ‘write’ something, it could be an original activity! Success is a result of not merely working a long number of hours, but it also means adding to your skill inventory. Just like your present dress or dressing style may one day become outdated, your present skill and knowledge may also become absolute due to passage of time.

Today you can make two lists as follow:

  • What are the skills that I have today which have made me successful today?
  • What skills will I be requiring during the next 5 years if I want succeed further?

After making the above lists, consider what action plan you want to initiate.

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