Have a success list!

Once I met a person who is quite successful in his profession. I noticed something peculiar on a white board, which he had displayed behind his seat. The board contained all the things he had successfully achieved in his life, either small or big. He had carefully listed many things, which was quite impressive. I asked him why he did that. He replied that many times we notice only things which we have not done and we only feel badly about it, even though there are many things which we do successfully which go unnoticed even by us.

I thought it is a wonderful thing to do. We need to take note of good things we do and not merely feel guilty about things we do not do. We should also celebrate successes in as much as we note down our failures. While it is important to note down what we have not done, noting down our accomplishments makes us feel very satisfied and confident about ourselves. Self-image, self worth and self-respect are very important ingredients for motivating us to achieve further successes in life.

There is one more aspect to this. Noticing your own accomplishments will put you on the right path to surpass your own achievements and make you to draw your strategies on your successes and not on your failures.

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