Time is a scarce resource. You will have to invest the available time for accomplishing useful things in life. All of us get equal quantity of time. However, smart people are able to turn out more work by effectively using the available time.

There are two ways of doing your activities. Some activities can be combined and carried out simultaneously. Some other activities can be done one after this other in a sequence.

Use waiting time for thinking about the day’s priorities, doing some concentration exercises or visualizing you’re accomplishing a task.

Concurrently doing activities by clubbing them will reduce the duration and increase your available time, which can be used for doing other activities.

Today think of at least five errands that you do in a day, which can be combined or eliminated altogether from your daily schedule. This will save a good chunk of your time.

Be creative and think innovatively. Ask the questions that ‘what are all the things that I can combine’ or is there any other way to do this job? Observe people around you and discuss with them if they have some other way of doing the same thing. See if they have a better idea than your own.

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