Buy a timer

You do not ‘see’ time and hence you may not realize its passing. You should have a budget for time. Work will expand to occupy the available time. You cannot have an open budget for time. You have to practice the ‘time frame’ concept, which means setting a start time and an end time for any activity. In order to ‘notice’ time passing, you should have a reminder system. If you don’t have something to remind you that the time is up, you are like to overspend this scare resource ‘time’.

You can buy a timer which will be available in any sports shop. When you sit down to do your work, decide the start point and end point and set the timer accordingly. At the end of the duration, the timer will go indicating that the time is up.

While doing the work, be conscious about the time passing. This will help you to adjust your speed and pace to match the predetermined time.

I repeat what I have been saying: there is no such thing as ‘no time’. All of us have the same amount of time. We only differ in the way we use the available time.

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