The four D’s for managing paper work

Everyday you receive a lot of paper work. You may also receive a lot of e-mails. All this paper work, e-mails, other communications may require your attention. Some of them may need your attention a little later. Some of them may be junk. Your efficiency and effectiveness will depends upon how smart you are in dealing with these information flows. You can follow the four D’s principle: Dump, Delay, Delegate, Do.

Dump: It means you can dump it or destroy it since you do not require it. Follow the principle: “when in doubt throw it out!” Ask yourself: Do I need this information? If the answer is no, dump it!

Delay: Ask whether it can wait so that you can devote quality time for doing this. If the answer is ‘yes’, put it off, so that you can give your full attention later on.

Delegate: Ask if there is somebody in your department who can take care of this paper. If the answer is ‘yes’, delegate it. However, follow it up with the person to whom you delegate so that he does it.

Do: These papers require your immediate attention and you have to do it immediately.

This simple 4D principle will give you some clarity for sorting out your paper work.

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