Working at home

While it is not advisable to carry office work to home nevertheless it might be a good idea to have a small work place in your home, where you can sit and think about some important issues.

Have your own work area. Have the necessary stationery such as stapler, pins, punching machines, notepads, pencils, erasers, etc. This becomes your ‘home office’. Either you can do your personal work or if necessary, think about some office work in this place.

Just like you have a dining room, a kitchen, drawing room, this will be your ‘work room’. All these facilities will help you over a period of time to accomplish your goals.

The way you are organized will decide how effective you could be in terms of turning out what you have to turn out to be successful in your career. Some work may call for a careful reading and thinking. You may not get an uninterrupted time in office to do this carefully. Another advantage of you ‘home office’ is that, you are not likely to be disturbed by your colleagues or by your boss.

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