Use waiting time

Time is valuable. Time once spent cannot come back. Many times we complain that we do not have time. But if you carefully analyze, you can find a lot of ‘hidden’ time. One such is waiting time.

There is no such thing as waiting time. Every quantity of time however small is a resource whether you are waiting for something or working. While waiting also, you are doing some activities either by design or by default. Just calculate on an average how much time you spend waiting for something is in a year and in your lifetime.

Assuming that on an average you spend about 45 minutes per day waiting for something or the other (bus, train, meeting, person, telephone call, etc.) You spend 1350 minutes in a month, which means 16200 minutes per year! If you take the active life span of any person as 50 years leaving out childhood days, you spend 810000 minutes in waiting which is 4.62 years! Just think how much you can accomplish in 4.62 years of time!!

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