Commuting time

Log you activities for a week and note down the time spent in commuting from one place to another. Find out how much time is spent in travelling in a day and project it for a month, a year and your lifetime. You will be surprised to find how many years go in travelling alone.

If you are travelling on an average 20 minutes each way to your place of work, in a career span of 25 years you are spending 312000 minutes calculated for 26 days per month. This in turn means 1.78 years in your lifetime. Think how much can be accomplished in 1.78 years!

Depending on your mode of travel, consider as to what you can do while travelling. If you are travelling in a group, consider your options such as discussing office matters, discussing business conditions, etc. consider your options of reading a newspaper or browsing a book. Consider whether you should read the newspaper at home or while travelling.

Ask yourself “what is the best possible use of my time right now?” Whatever comes to your mind apply it. However, do it tactfully.

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