Say ‘NO’!

While working towards your goal, you may come across people who may not share your priorities. People may demand more than what you can offer. You may not get the support you need from others.

You may be an excellent person in terms of planning and scheduling your appointments and planning for a day. However, if you suffer from the inability to say ‘No’, all your plans may be unrealistic since you will not be able to handle interruptions.

Many people mistake the ability to say ‘No’ as equivalent to refusal. Ability to say ‘No’ actually refers to the most important and critical attribute of ‘assertiveness.’ Assertiveness means being honest to yourself and at the same time accepting others as they are. It is the ability to handle interruptions in such a way that you say ‘No’ to unreasonable and impossible request in such a way that even after saying ‘No’ you do not damage interpersonal relationship and maintain good rapport.

To be submissive is to surrender your rights and do not stand up for your own views. Aggressiveness means always wanting to win and not recognizing that others may also have legitimate rights of their own. Assertiveness falls into the category between submissiveness and aggressiveness. Just like any other skill, assertiveness can be developed.

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