Let every day be your masterpiece!

One of the characteristics of successful people is their mindset to do everything they undertake well. In some people I have seen that it is almost an obsession to do it so well that no one can do better than what they have done. This mindset gives them the necessary drive to better their performance by constantly reviewing what they have done.

One of the leading surgeon I know used to say that every time he enters the operation theatre, he will go with the mindset that perhaps it is the last time he is going to do the operation and very time he comes out of the operation theatre, he will come out deeply thinking in what way he could have done the operation even better.

Wanting to do everything well is more than a quality or skill. It is an attitude of mind. The alternative to this is attempting to do a thing half-heartedly. The problem in this alternative is time consuming and waste of time.

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