Counter interruption

Interruptions fragment our time. In between interruptions, we get only few minutes to concentrate on our work. It takes more time to bring our attention back to our job on hand. This irritates us.

However, we need to understand that a perfectly normal day is a day full of interruptions and it is unrealistic to expect that we should not be interrupted at all. If we are not interrupted at all, perhaps, it may mean that we are not required at all by any one! We need to develop a passion for the job we have on hand so that any amount of interruption does not put us off, but only encourages us to challenge interruptions.

We need a strategy to deal with interruptions. The first and foremost step is to know the nature of our interruptions by logging our various activities meticulously for a period of time so that we have data to work on counter measures. Analyze the various types of interruptions that you encounter and study them.

If you think carefully, you can come out with innovative ideas to manage interruptions.

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