Ambition and drive

In order to come up in life we need two things: ambition and drive.

Ambition is the goal that we set for ourselves to achieve. Goals can be long term and short term. They can even be weekly tasks such as reading a book, completing an assignment, etc. Goals give us the direction in life and they are the benchmarks with which we calibrate where we are and where we want to be. If we fix our goals ourselves, we are committed and involved and we accept the same.

Drive is the energy that we display in working towards our goal. If we have more drive, we work hard. If we have less drive, we given up. The volume of work that we put in will be decided by the intensity of our drive towards our goal.

If we understand this subtle difference, we will appreciate why we don’t do what we should be doing and why we give up at the slightest provocation. If we have the drive we take the obstacles and interruptions as challenges and we feel excited. If we do not have the drive, interruptions and obstacles puts us off.

Ambition decides the destination. Drive decides the speed.

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