Capacity, Effort, Time and Result

Our available time should produce quantifiable results. The effectiveness of a person depends on whether he is taking the efforts required to reach the expected outcome. The available time should be invested in pursuing relevant activities relentlessly. Depending upon how big the goal is, the amount of effort may be more or less.

However, we should not ignore a very important critical factor called the ‘capacity’. Capacity can be defined as our potential to create a pre determined result. Each of us has a specific capacity. Our capacity depends upon various factors such as education, knowledge, skill, genetic factors, resources, etc. When we decide on our goals and objectives, we should be conscious about our capacity. Our capacity will decide our limitations. If we do not have the capacity, we may not succeed whatever may be our effort level.

Time management means taking adequate efforts taking into account all the above factors. Just by increasing the number of hours alone will not make a difference if there is a capacity constraint. If we have the right capacity and work hard following a set pattern of systematic activity, then our time will produce the result we desire. If we have the capacity and we do not put in the requisite effort, then we will lose our position to our competition.

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