Competitive intelligence

Your activities cannot take the same amount of time it took sometime back. You need to innovate constantly and find out how to do the same thing in a different, but more effective way. We need to believe that work and time are not directly proportional.

More work need not mean more time. This is possible only by being flexible in the process of our working. We should be focused on our goal and be flexible in our approach to reach the same. This is possible only if we are willing to trim, compress, simplify and improve our approach.

Recently, I came across an interesting skill called ‘competitive intelligence’. In simple terms it means collecting intelligence from our competitors to know how they are better than us in what they are doing and applying the same to our work.

You should watch others performing and notice in what way their approach is better than yours. If you are a trainer, watch how others are training. If you are a sportsman, watch how others are playing your game. Take the best processes from others and then apply the same to your job.

Keep an open mind to learn from others. Consider the whole world as a large university where you can learn a lot from others.

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