Do you have a strategy?

Many of us have objectives, aims, goals and aspirations in life. At some point of time or other, we also think of how to realize our goals. Some goals are realized and some are not. Whenever we reach our goal we are happy. When do not, we either say that we ‘failed’, or that ‘we are not lucky’. We need to list the number things we once wanted to achieve and how many of them we actually realized and this ratio is a very important criterion for success.

One important requirement for success is whether we have the right strategy to support our goal. Strategy means putting things in place carefully. The other way is to just wait and expect things to ‘happen’. Things will not just happen, and if happens, it may not be as how we expected to happen. We need to understand that in the world around us many events are going to happen and are happening. The only thing we need to consider is whether what is happening is what we intended to happen.

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